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Greetings and welcome to The John 3:30 Podcast, we focus on Catholic Faith Life. The goal is to share different ways people keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith. I have seen firsthand many people attend a Retreat or go through a traumatic Life Event and it brings them closer to their faith. For a moment. They are hungry for more. Unfortunately, not too long after, many return to their “old ways.” I firmly believe this happens because they do not know what they do not know. They may not be aware that they can attend Adoration, pray a Novena, or any other beautiful ways our Catholic Faith offers us the opportunity to grow in our Faith. My thought process is to sit down and speak with “everyday” people and have a conversation with them as to how they keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith.  Like what you hear? If you would like to help contribute to the growth of The John 3:30 Podcast, click here to donate one time or monthly. Your Patronage is greatly appreciated!!

Oct 27, 2017

Episode # 28 is here! In this episode, I speak with my friend and Brother-in-Christ, Tommy Sanders. He is 48 years old Husband to Bianca and Father to three children here on Earth and one waiting for him in Heaven. Tommy converted to Catholicism back in 2003. He credits his wife Bianca for bringing him to the Faith. What keeps Tommy’s fire burning for our Catholic Faith? He speaks about maintaining a consistent Adoration hour and strategically placing it in the middle of his work week. He considers it as his “appointment” with Jesus. Tommy shares the various ways he spends his time in Adoration. He also talks about how ACTS put in a “Spiritual Ferrari” with the experience he had. We learn that Tommy was the Co-Director of the ACTS Retreat that inspired The John 3:30 Podcast project! Later in the episode, Tommy speaks about The Mass and the beauty that is within it. We also learn that Serving in Leadership Roles are also “spiritual Logs” that keep his fire burning. Tommy and I discuss the Vocations of Marriage and Fatherhood. We bring the episode to a close by talking about Evangelizing. Item mentioned on the episode: Lovestrong Marriage Retreats: A BIG Thank you to Dr. Jeff Vista, Executive Producer!! Special thanks to Philip Strauch III for providing the Outro Music, "He must Increase." Text and Tune copyrighted. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon: