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Greetings and welcome to The John 3:30 Podcast, we focus on Catholic Faith Life. The goal is to share different ways people keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith. I have seen firsthand many people attend a Retreat or go through a traumatic Life Event and it brings them closer to their faith. For a moment. They are hungry for more. Unfortunately, not too long after, many return to their “old ways.” I firmly believe this happens because they do not know what they do not know. They may not be aware that they can attend Adoration, pray a Novena, or any other beautiful ways our Catholic Faith offers us the opportunity to grow in our Faith. My thought process is to sit down and speak with “everyday” people and have a conversation with them as to how they keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith.  Like what you hear? If you would like to help contribute to the growth of The John 3:30 Podcast, click here to donate one time or monthly. Your Patronage is greatly appreciated!!

Jul 14, 2017

Episode 12 is here!! In this episode, I sit down and have a conversation with fellow Catholic Podcaster, Liz Garant. We find out how this she keeps her fire burning for our Catholic Faith. We discuss Prayer Methods such as Lectio Divina and Liturgy of the Hours. She also shares how being a part of a Community helps keep her centered in her Faith. We discuss the several groups that she participates in, such as Young Catholic Professionals (YCP – San Antonio), Worship on the River, YC3 (Young Adult Ministries at St. Matthews Parish, and Theology on Tap. ** Caution** You will hear spoilers of potential events at a Matt Maher Concert that may occur at the Fullness of Truth Conference in August 2017 here in San Antonio. We continue our conversation by speaking about Catholic Immersion, which is a great Catholic Podcast she hosts and her publication of her first book! It is titled: “Nice to meet you! Now what?” Look for it to be released on August 15, 2017. There is an entertaining side conversation about fine art of shooting rubber bands as well!! Links to Catholic Immersion and Young Adult Groups that were mentioned during our Conversation: Catholic Immersion on Apple Podcast - Catholic Immersion on Facebook - YCP on Facebook- YC3 on Facebook- Worship on the River on Facebook - Special thanks to Philip Strauch III for providing the Outro Music, "He must Increase." Text and Tune copyrighted.